How to Clean Fingernails After Gardening?

How to Clean Fingernails After Gardening

Joyfully tending your garden can be immensely fulfilling! Yet sometimes its remnants cling tenaciously beneath our fingernails after an intensive gardening session – but don’t despair! At Gardening Habits we understand your struggle in maintaining clean hands after getting down in the dirt; therefore we have developed some effective techniques for banishing persistent grime from […]

Which Plastics are Safe for Gardening

Which Plastics are Safe For Gardening

Plastic has become an indispensable component of daily life and gardening is no different. From containers and hoses to various barriers, plastic provides gardeners with endless solutions – though with so many plastic varieties out there it can be challenging to determine which plastics are safe for gardening – or food production altogether! Not All […]

What Does Market Gardening Produce

What Does Market Gardening Produce

Have you ever visited an active farmers market, filled with vibrant vegetables, juicy fruits and fragrant blooms? Behind such delightful scenes stands often a market gardener. A frequently asked question is “What does market gardening produce?” – Market gardening is a unique form of agriculture that bridges the gap between personal gardens and large commercial […]

How to Clean Gardening Gloves?

How to clean gardening gloves

No doubt we have all experienced that sinking feeling: after spending hours tending our gardens, only to find your gloves caked in mud and stained with sap stains, with potentially unseen residue still harboured inside! But, how to clean gardening gloves? Resist the urge to throw them out! With some TLC and tips from Gardening […]

What is Keyhole Gardening

What is Keyhole Gardening.

The keyhole garden is like a raised bed with an unassuming center that consumes food waste to produce nutrient-rich mulch for your plants! Originating in Lesotho, Africa, this clever design now spans dry places such as India or Texas, providing farmers with an eco-friendly way of cultivating crops quickly and affordably. How to Build a […]

Growing Hens And Chicks

Growing Hens And Chicks

Hens and chicks belong to the Sempervivum succulent group and can be grown indoors or out, in either cool or hot temperatures, depending on climate conditions. Houseleeks or “hens and chicks”, commonly referred to as houseleeks, produce numerous babies as their flowers form rosettes with multiple leaves producing numerous babies at one time – hence […]