Will Frost Damage Your Potatoes? How to Protect Your Harvest

Will frost damage your potatoes

So what does cold weather mean for our potato crops? Potatoes are frost tolerant to some extent but cannot continue growing throughout winter. Consistent cold temperatures will kill off their green leaves before dormant tubers lie dormant before producing new sprouts in spring. Will frost damage your potatoes? Continue reading to gain knowledge on how […]

Can Potato Plants Get Too Tall? Why They May Fall Over

Can potato plants get too tall

Growing potatoes can be intimidating for novice gardeners because it can be hard to see how the tubers are faring under ground. We rely on their green leaves as indicators of any issues with our plants. Can potato plants get too tall but what should you do if your potato plants start growing abnormally tall? […]

Do Potatoes Grow Back Every Year? Yes, but Don’t Let Them

Do Potatoes Grow Back Every Year

As any gardener who has grown potatoes can attest, harvesting can sometimes miss one or more tubers that we had intended to harvest, leading us to find several volunteer plant sprouts in spring from these left behind tubers. As I began researching potatoes again and again, I became curious as to whether or not they […]

Do Potatoes Need to Flower to Produce Tubers?

do potatoes need to flower

Concerned gardeners might find comfort in knowing that potato flowers – or their absence – shouldn’t cause too much concern in the garden. Luckily, potato flowers shouldn’t cause any alarm either! Do potatoes need to flower? You don’t need to flower to produce tubers; although flowers may indicate it’s time for harvest, you can still […]

Are Seed Potatoes Different From Regular Potatoes? Find Out!

are seed potatoes different from regular potatoes

Understanding the distinctions between seed potatoes and regular potatoes may seem confusing at first, but understanding their distinctions is essential if you want a successful harvest this season. Seed potatoes differ from regular potatoes primarily by being treated with sprout inhibitors to extend their shelf life and ensure longer shelf life, while seed potatoes do […]