What gardening zone is Chicago?

What gardening zone is Chicago?

At Chicago Gardening Habits, we understand the difficulty associated with pinpointing an ideal gardening zone can seem like an impossible feat amidst constant zone adjustments and conflicting data. So, what gardening zone is Chicago? Let Gardening Habits serve as your compass as we help navigate you through Chicago’s unique gardening terrain! Zone Tale of Two […]

What Gardening Zone is Colorado

What gardening zone is Chicago?

Colorado’s diverse landscape draws nature enthusiasts and gardeners of all stripes alike; yet its varied planting zones may present an obstacle. While regions with uniform climates offer several USDA Plant Hardiness Zones which reflect your particular growing conditions. What gardening zone is Colorado? – Understanding your USDA Zone can be crucial to successful gardening; understanding […]

What Gardening Zone is NJ?

What Gardening Zone is NJ

New Jersey offers garden enthusiasts numerous gardening opportunities. But due to its vast geography, understanding your growing conditions accurately is vital. Enter USDA Plant Hardiness Zones: an intuitive mapping system dividing North America into zones based on average winter minimum temperatures that enable gardeners to choose plants specifically adapted to each zone’s climate for year-round […]

What Gardening Zone is Ohio?

What Gardening Zone is Ohio

Ohio, often referred to as “Buckeye State”, offers plenty of fertile landscapes suitable for cultivating vibrant gardens. But with an expansive territory covering different latitudes, Ohioan gardeners may often wonder “What gardening zone is Ohio?” At Gardening Habits, we will help guide your search to maximize gardening efforts! Ohio’s Plant Hardiness Zones: A Guide for […]